About Us

Magic Crew Clown was founded for the purpose of bringing joy and fun to the people of Malaysia by providing quality clown service that will satisfy your needs and events. We don't bring any wacky clown who will just be at your event for the sake of just being there, we will make your event stand out and create havoc so much so that it will be a memorable event of your lifetime. We will be the difference of a dull event or an entertaining event. Trust us and choose us, for it will be the best choice you'll ever make!

Magic Crew Clown is a part of Magic Crew Group of Companies. 

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Magic Crew Entertainment (MCE) officially started as a magic supplier for the domestic magic community in Malaysia. We have come a long way since then, as we now also provide magical clowns and magicians. We are here to provide entertainment values for your birthday parties, dinner, private events, theme parks, hotels, shopping malls, kindergardens and primary school. Our official website is here. We have an official Magic Crew Facebook page, as well as our Twitter page. Feel free to visit!

We maintain a reputation for innovation, power, quality and elegance. Our company's aim is summarized in our motto: "Beyond Magic".